I am a Toronto based photographer and filmmaker, specializing in music photography, group portraiture, documentary street photography, and music videography.

Photo by: Yoshi Cooper 

Photo by: Yoshi Cooper 

My passion for photography began in 2014 when I took the leap into visual arts after an extremely dissatisfying first year of post-secondary education in a liberal arts program. Deciding to venture into filmmaking I decided to buy myself a camera and quickly fell in love with photography.

I began shooting bands shortly after teaching myself the basics of photography and have since developed a deep love for analog photographic practices. 

I am currently attending the Film Studies program at Ryerson University, while practicing photography on my own. My interests in filmmaking include directing and cinematography. 

I always tend to choose the less traveled path, and that can be said about my photography and videography. I enjoy capturing the feeling of the moment and tend to apply nonconventional and candid approaches.

On the side, I am a caffeine addict, avid fencer, archer, and coach. 

If you'd like to reach out to me about inquires, or even just to say hello, feel free to contact me here

- Gfp